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I would tell you what fandoms to expect...but I reblog just about anything. Happy, sad, cute, awful, hilarious, feels, etc.

Aug 27 '14
Aug 26 '14

lizardlicks asked:

When you have trouble processing speech, what's it like? I get this thing where someone talks to me and for the most part I'll have understood the sentence, but one or two words at the beginning or end of it don't register as actual words? I can hear syllables and I know that these SHOULD translate to words, but it's like the person suddenly switched over to sim's speak, and I have to ask them to repeat it sometimes 2 or 3 times before it turns back into a thing I can parse.





Something like that. My problem is that when I’m overloaded, sometimes I function like people who can hold conversations in their sleep. I can carry on conversations, the things I say sound like they’re related to the things other people say, and a minute later I have no idea what happened. Like, I can be surprised when a waitress brings food because I don’t realize I ordered any.

And sometimes I’ll just get a sea of words and they’re all perfectly valid words but there’s no sentences.

And one time, that happened during a conference call, and I was about to mention it in IRC (since I can still usually read/write fine), when one of the other participants said, in IRC, “(guy’s name) is being a dingbat again”. And I realized. I wasn’t having trouble processing speech. I was listening to a middle manager use buzzwords incorrectly. I was failing to parse sentences because none of the words were being used coherently enough for me to extract meaning from them.

Like, to put it in a context that’ll be more familiar to the fandom audiences… Imagine that you’re having a conversation about Homestuck, and then someone starts talking:

"Well, the question is whether Hussie’s lusus even has the update to flash an animation with a pesterlog of the appropriate chat color. Was the chapter even a typing quirk? John is a troll. In any event, alchemizing the strife specibus is a kind of fetch modus in fanfic, because those characters are AUs apart and quadrants didn’t even have build grist until after the gigapause."

Basically, it was like that, only it was to do with computer stuff. And seriously, it was exactly like “what the hell just happened to my speech processing!?!?”

haha that word salad example is what normal speech sounds like to me when i lose processing

also it gets louder and louder until i feel like they’re shouting directly into my ear, even if their volume hadn’t changed, because my processing has already redlined. every input past max capacity is like a firehose of screaming bees shoved up my nose.

screaming, strobing bees that taste like pine sol.


that needed an illustration

i love you so much.

Aug 26 '14


number one pet peeve of all academia related to literature:

  • when men are characters but women are symbols
Aug 26 '14





Client: I threw out that black pen, it was out of ink.

Me: What black pen?

Client: The one that was lying on your tablet.

Me: You threw out my $150 Wacom pen?

Client: I tried writing with it and it didn’t work. It must’ve been out of ink.

this almost made me cry

this is simultaenously the best and worst submission i’ve ever seen from Clients from Hell.

I feel ill

Aug 26 '14




People who go on baby name sites

  • Expecting parents
  • Gamers naming their rpg characters
  • writers
  • artists
Aug 26 '14

I get really excited about really stupid things and I can talk for hours about these things and I formally apologize for being annoying but I promise I’m thinking “THIS IS SO COOL AND I WANT TO SHARE WITH YOU HOW COOL IT IS AND BRIGHTEN YOUR DAY AND MAYBE YOULL SEE HOW COOL IT IS!!!”

Aug 26 '14


did i ever tell how this guy i really hated in my math class last year totally bullshitted an assignment and instead of actually finding a good image to represent quadrants he googled it and chose the first result and i mean you can guess what happened

Aug 26 '14


Jewels I found while studying pre Middle Age art history:


Confused citizen


Confused angels


Confused “Why do I have two hands?”


Confused goat


Confused Beatles

Aug 26 '14

*wastes an hour trying to explain why we read books that are difficult and don’t rely on ceaseless violence for excitement*

*wastes time trying to explain why some books are just IMPORTANT because of what they mean*

*gets frustrated and tells the idiot to have fun writing insightful commentary about the symbols and themes of Tom Clancy novels*

Aug 26 '14



Every single one of your actions suddenly becomes epic when you listen to this

I play this in my car while I’m driving.

I’m getting married and walking down the aisle to this song

I decided this a long time ago

Try petting the cats to this.

Ima just gon reblog this a seventh time okay

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